The start of any journey begins with a single step.

As an endurance athlete who has completed several ultramarathons (100 milers), Cynthia understands the importance of each step we take in our lives, whether it’s to complete that race or achieve a higher level of holistic health. Each step reflects a level of expertise and training that helps ensure success.

Paying attention to the fundamentals; deepening one’s understanding and expertise; applying skills to real world circumstances and doing so with an open heart — these are the qualities that lead and accomplish.

Cynthia has not only reflected these qualities in her own life but she’s long shared them enthusiastically with others. Starting as a licensed massage therapist in 1994, Cynthia sought to improve her clients’ health by better grounding them in their own physical being. Similarly she had the same approach when working with fitness clients and groups. Soon she realized that many of her clients’ illness stemmed from something much more fundamental — more profound.

In 2008, Cynthia had her first hydrotherapy session and it significantly shifted her understanding of one’s overall health. She saw, firsthand, the benefits of such treatments, particularly when paired with guided nutrition. She became increasingly convinced that colon hydrotherapy was a unique and crucial element in one’s overall wellness and decided, in 2015, to become a certified hydrotherapist, completing her certification with the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy.

Cynthia is now working with clients throughout the valley to improve their health and wellbeing. She brings to her work an open heart, deep expertise and profound wisdom in the body’s intuitive process which creates a safe space for the client to relax, breathe and explore their own healing journey.

Cynthia would welcome the opportunity and privilege to help you on your journey to wellbeing with this amazing therapeutic approach.

Endurance athlete
Health steward
Personal and group fitness instructor

Cynthia Dwyer Cleanse Sun Valley

Professional Memberships

  • Certified with I-ACT (International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) in 2015
  • Licensed mass Licenced Massage Therapist since 1994
  • Certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) group fitness instructor since 2000
  • Certified ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal trainer since 2010
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