Tina Dean, Business Owner, Ketchum Idaho

Thank you Cynthia and Cleanse Sun Valley, for this hydrating therapy. When I made the appointment I was having some serious gut pain. Feeling like I was not able to eat due to the full feeling in my stomach. It hurt to even walk. Cynthia’s attention to helping me feel comfortable was exceptional. Her expertise and knowledge put my every concern at ease. Cynthia, delicately led me through the process, describing in full detail the chain of events. In discussing my issues and my goals with Cynthia, I decided to complete a series of 4 sessions. I felt better after my first appointment, and each consecutive session my gut pain and bloating decreased. During my 4th session I was so surprised at the quantity I still was releasing, that is when I really felt a shift both physically and emotionally. I am so appreciative for the care and concern with which she treated me, she respected my goals and priorities and made me feel so comfortable that I actually fell asleep in one of my sessions. I will definitely be incorporating colonics into my wellness regime.

Wendolyn Holland

Hands-down, Cynthia is the best colon hydrotherapist with whom I’ve worked. I’ve seen a half-dozen or so such professionals, in Idaho, Ohio and DC. We get the best results and I feel fantastic afterwards. This is a regular part of my wellness, hydration, and weight maintenance regime. Seriously.

Barbara Bailie, Retired Professional
Seattle Washington

Cynthia Dwyer, owner of Cleanse Sun Valley, is a professional and caring individual. After 4 sessions with Cynthia, I can totally recommend her if you are looking for a safe, spotless environment, a calming and nurturing presence, and someone who will share her wisdom and experience with you. Cynthia meets you where you are in your cleansing and health journey (newbie or experienced). Plus, she is very easy to communicate with – both during a session and with her text communications and confirmations. I have experienced different hydrotherapy practitioners and Cynthia is exceptional!

Geneal Thompson

I have always believed that disease starts in the colon. Colonics have become for me part of my “Wellness Practice”. As a practicing Esthetician, I know that my skin’s health, vitality, clarity, and glow improves after a colon therapy session. It makes so much sense to me that the internal cleansing and detoxing that a colon session gives, contributes to that overall sense of well being that becomes evident from the inside out.

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